Stephe's gluten-free ingredients

Brown rice flour, gluten-free sorghum flour, gluten-free corn meal, quinoa flour xanthan gum are from Bob's Red Mill.

Bob's Red Mill flours are available in Whole Foods and Natural Grocer stores, but they don't stock gluten-free corn meal locally, so I buy corn meal in 25 pound bags from the Bob's Red Mill website to save on shipping.

Ground flax seed

Ground flax is an egg substitute; in hot water, it makes a sticky fluid that binds the other ingredients together. 15 ml ground flax seeds in 1/4 C of hot water (near boiling) equals 1 egg.

The flax must be freshly ground; buying factory-ground flax meal does not work. Keeping ground flax in the refridgerator works.

I use a Baratza Encore coffee grinder to grind flax seeds from Bob's Red Mill. I have to replace the grinding head every couple of years.


The margarine in the sandwich bread recipe contributes a lot to the stiffness of the finished bread. I use Best Choice 80% oil margarine (a local store brand).


My measuring spoons are marked in English and metric units; metric units are easier to do math with, so I show them in the recipes. Here are some useful conversions:

Oven temperatures are in Fahrenheit, for a "convection" oven (which has a fan, so it's not relying on convection, but that's another story).

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