Current version: 1.02. Download the source

webcheck automatically checks links on a web page for validity, and reports errors in a format that Gnu Emacs (and other IDEs) can use to bring up the source html files to be fixed.

webcheck can operate on a web page via the http protocol, or on a local file system, using a root URI with the file: scheme.

The command line for webcheck is:
webcheck {root-uri} {output-root} [options]
webcheck retrieves the root-uri, and scans it for html links. Some html syntax errors are detected during the scan, but not all. If the link uri has the same root as root-uri, it is recursively retrieved and scanned. If it has a different root, it is just checked for existence.

The options are:

Don't report errors for minor html syntax errors, such as generated by gnathtml and other programs.
--log {log_root_name}
Log all URI accesses to a log file log_root_name.log
Output extra debug information.

webcheck was inspired by finder written by Tom Moran, but is a totally new implementation. It uses OpenToken to parse html, and SAL data structures.


Version 1.02 19 July 2009
use separate OpenToken release, instead of included OpenToken snapshot
Version 1.01 8 Aug 2004
minor bug fixes, match SAL and Auto_Text_IO release
Version 1.00 16 Nov 2003
First release

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