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Poetry (by me)

More Than Mere Survival
Two Napkins
In Love, and out
Creative Commons License

Media social correctness tests

Compiled by my daughter Kate.

Gluten free recipes

As a consequence of my cancer treatment many years ago, I have many dietary restrictions;

I've developed three recipes that I can eat:

Ada Lovelace, first computer programmerAda stuff

Ada Reference Manual 2012 in info format
NASA Goddard GDS project Ada coding standard
I maintained this while working at NASA Goddard; I'm retired now. LaTeX source
Stephe's Ada Library
useful stuff
Spacecraft math
detailed description of the spacecraft math library in SAL, including derivations of all algorithms.
Verify links on a web site
Access vs Object
Discussion of Ada programming style

Gnu Emacs Emacs stuff

Emacs ada-mode
Latest release of Emacs Ada mode.
Emacs wisi indentation/navigation engine
Latest release of Emacs wisi.


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